What’s the Noise Coming from My Furnace?

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November 24, 2020

Has there been a spooky noise coming from your furnace lately? No, we promise that your basement isn’t haunted. Furnaces are efficient systems, but when they start making strange sounds, it can be alarming. There may be nothing wrong with your system, or it may need a tune-up. Keep reading to learn more about furnaces noises and what causes them, and remember that when you need comprehensive heating repairsreplacements, and maintenance, you can always count on EnviroSafe.

The 3 Most Common Furnace Noises

  1. Banging: Some minor banging from your furnace is actually normal, though if this crashing sound becomes louder, it means you probably have a dirty burner. You can clean furnace burners yourself, though it’s usually better to hire a professional technician for assistance. To keep your system operating efficiently, it is also important to remember to change the filter periodically. If your furnace is clean and that banging noise continues, chances are the problem lies in your ductwork. One option to stop this noise is to insulate your air ducts, thus dampening the reverberation from pressure changes that’s causing all that banging (as a bonus, this will help to lock in temperatures, too.) You can also replace your ducts, as certain types of ductwork are more prone to popping than others. Of course, depending on where you live, you may be using a ductless HVAC system, in which case you probably don’t have to worry about this issue.
  2. Screeching: A screeching or squealing noise coming from your furnace usually stems from an issue with the motor bearing or fan belt. This can occur when the motor is not lubricated properly or the bearings are out of alignment (this second scenario is particularly common when your system has not been installed by a professional.) Your furnace will not be able to heat your home and may even need to be replaced if the motor suddenly breaks down, so make sure to call an HVAC technician right away if there is a screeching noise coming from your unit.
  3. Scratching: If your furnace is making a scratching or scraping noise, there is likely a problem with the blower wheel. This can occur when the wheel comes loose and starts to bump up against the system’s casing. Your furnace’s blower wheel is responsible for moving air throughout your ducts, which makes it a crucial component to overall system operation. Again, if you hear this noise, you should always call a technician to check it out, and ensure your furnace is ready to operate safely and efficiently when you need it most.

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