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An air conditioning system is a big investment, and regularly servicing your AC system will help maximize its performance, efficiency, and equipment lifespan. At EnviroSafe, we offer service agreements for air conditioning systems so you don’t have to worry about AC maintenance in South Jersey. Our comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services help ensure that your system will perform reliably and provide consistent comfort throughout the season. Reach out to us for AC maintenance in South Jersey or the surrounding area today!

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No matter what you need, EnviroSafe is here to save the day!

A Properly Maintained System Improves Comfort & Efficiency

Once your air conditioning system is installed, you can keep it running reliably season after season by having it professionally serviced. We service all types of air conditioning systems, even those we didn’t install.

The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance in South Jersey Include:

  • Improved energy efficiency – When you subscribe to regular visits from our Vineland AC tune up experts, your unit will have a smaller carbon footprint and it will use less electricity and be more environmentally friendly.
  • Lower utility costs – An additional benefit of your AC using less electricity is it will cost less off your monthly electrical bill which saves you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Fewer repair visits – Not only will regular AC tune ups see to it that you need fewer repairs, but they’ll be less expensive as well because we catch problems before they fester and impact other components.
  • Longer operational life of your equipment – The best way to save off your HVAC spending is by getting the most out of each and every unit. Exactly how long your unit lasts depends on use, environment and maintenance levels so make sure you’re doing everything you can.
  • Better home comfort – If you’re noticing an uptick in your home’s humidity levels for instance, contact our Vineland AC tune up experts to bring your indoor air comfort back.
  • Improved indoor air quality – As HVAC units age, they may negatively impact your indoor air quality. Make sure to keep your unit in top shape to optimize your indoor air comfort.

We are trained and experienced in performing AC maintenance in South Jersey for all brands and models of air conditioning equipment. Our technicians regularly receive ongoing training and weekly training is provided to ensure that our HVAC technicians are up-to-date on all advances in our industry. We are familiar with all new and emerging techniques to provide the best possible AC tune-up service to our customers.

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What Is Included in AC Maintenance In South Jersey?

Checklist for Air Conditioning Maintenance

We provide comprehensive air conditioning maintenance. We’ll do everything we can do to check your AC for safe and proper functioning. The following items are included in each AC maintenance visit:

  • Ensure your thermostat is calibrated properly and that it is not in direct contact with heat sources.
  • Checking and tightening your air conditioner’s electrical connections.
  • Lubricating any moving parts that need it.
  • Ensuring that your A/C unit turns on, cools, and turns off appropriately.
  • Changing or cleaning your air filter.
  • Testing each component of your A/C to make sure they are working as the manufacturer designed them to work.
  • Cleaning out dust and debris that can make your air conditioner inefficient.
  • Checking refrigerant levels and operating pressures.
  • Looking for exposed wiring.
  • Inspecting ductwork for energy loss.

Our team will fix any problems we discover with your air conditioner before you rely on it to cool your home. Whatever it takes, we’ll have your air conditioner running smoothly before we leave!

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Maintenance

How Often Should You Maintenance Your AC?

  • For optimum performance we recommend getting preventative air conditioning maintenance at least once a year. This not only ensures your system is running more efficiently, but also lets us check for any small problems that could turn into big ones, saving you money on costly air conditioning repairs down the road

How Do I Know If My AC Needs Maintenance?

  • There are many signs that you might need an AC tune up, but the top 5 signs are:
    • Warm air blowing out of your vents instead of cool
    • Weak airflow coming out of your vents
    • Frequent “cycling” of the machine, it turns on and off multiple times a day
    • Higher humidity, or leaks around the air conditioner
    • Your energy bills are higher than usual without running your AC more.

How Often Should AC Filters Be Changed?

  • Ideally, you should be changing your filter about every 30 days for optimum performance. However, if you live somewhere with cleaner air, or don’t run your AC too much, you can replace them every 90 days. We always replace your filters for you during our air conditioning maintenance visits too!

What Does An AC Filter Look Like When It Needs To Be Changed?

  • A dirty filter will look very obviously dusty, dirty or clogged. A little dirt here or there isn’t much to be concerned about, but if you see lots of hair, dust, dirt or anything else blocking your entire filter, it’s time to change it.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Maintenance in South Jersey!

When you sign up for a service agreement, our technicians will perform thorough South Jersey air conditioning maintenance services to make sure your AC system is ready for summer. We carefully inspect all components of the system, check the blower belt, motor, and refrigerant levels, and clean the condenser coil. During the maintenance inspection, we look for signs of wear and tear and make any minor adjustments that are needed. If a problem is discovered, we can recommend repairs before your system ever breaks down.

Contact our team today to schedule  your AC tune up in South Jersey or the surrounding area!

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