The Golden Rule for Heating & Cooling: Always Think One Season Ahead

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January 06, 2020

Life at home is dramatically influenced by a number of factors, but there may not be one more important than your in-home climate. Having precise and reliable heating and cooling all year long is tremendously important, so it pays to pay attention to your South Jersey air conditioning equipment and keep up with its needs all year long. However, your HVAC system’s maintenance needs don’t have to be complicated—if you stay ahead of them and anticipate what you’ll need, you’ll enjoy a more reliable HVAC system and better home comfort all year long.

We like to tell homeowners there is one “golden rule” to in-home comfort: always think one season ahead. By staying a few months in front of your HVAC system, you’ll always be prepared for the changing season, ensuring energy-efficient operation, better heating and cooling capacity, and a longer-lasting system that provides you with more value for your investment.

Here is an example of what we mean.


During the winter, your mind should be set on the upcoming spring season. What happens in spring? In most places, this means a sharp increase in airborne contaminants like plant pollen that greatly reduce air quality. During the winter season, we advise all homeowners to go out and purchase a few spare air filters that they can use over the next few months. If you find that you have to change your air filter every other month, there’s a chance you may have to replace your filter every month during this stretch in order to keep your air as clean as it can be. South Jersey indoor air quality is crucial to the health of you and your family, and your air filters will fill up faster due to greater levels of air contaminants, which means you’ll want to be ready to swap them out.


Spring is known for milder temperatures that slowly begin to turn into warmer and eventually blistering hot and humid days at the edge of summer. You will eventually need to fire up your air conditioner, so spring is the time to prepare. Schedule AC maintenance in South Jersey and make sure it’s ready to go when you need it. You’ll be glad you did when you’re enjoying cooler, stronger, and more efficient air conditioning all summer long.

This is also a time where you should take a close look at any plants or grass that grow near your outdoor unit and make sure they are trimmed away to a radius of at least three feet. Encroaching plants and grasses can become jammed in the fins of your outdoor unit, resulting in reduced airflow and reduced cooling. Do yourself a favor and keep the air flowing smoothly by making sure all plants near your outdoor unit are safely trimmed away.


Summer is a time for brutally hot weather that can often involve high levels of humidity. During this point, there’s a good chance you don’t really want to do anything if it involves going outside. Thus, your air conditioner will need to be going full blast throughout most of the day every single day. However, we strongly advise thinking ahead to what autumn may have in store for you, as it will give you the opportunity to start preparing for the cooler months of the year.

When it comes to preparation, however, autumn presents some interesting challenges. It can be difficult to really get your home ready for winter when temperatures outside still surge into the 90s or even triple-digits on may days, so you should still try to avoid any heavy outdoor work. However, use this opportunity to take a look around for any possible air leaks around doors and windows in your home. When the weather starts to cool off in the autumn, you’ll want to replace worn weather stripping and insulation, and having your supply purchased and ready to go will save you a lot of stress. You’ll be happy you got yours ahead of time when others scramble to home improvement warehouses for the same reasons you will in just a few months’ time.


Once you reach the fall season, you’ll enjoy a few days of beautiful weather. However, now is the time you really have to start your preparations for winter and the South Jersey heating season that’s almost upon you. Winter preparation means scheduling a heating maintenance service for your system to ensure your furnace, heat pump, or other heating equipment are tuned up and ready when you need them. You never know when the weather may take a sharp turn in a colder direction at this point. In fact, sometimes you may find yourself in need of both your heater and your air conditioner on the same day.

In addition to also completing your insulation replacements at this point of the year, you should also perform winterization. This means once again stocking up on air filters due to winter usually being a season of poor air quality, clearing debris and brush away from your outdoor unit, and reversing the direction of any ceiling fans in your home so they pull air upward. Reversing your fans creates an upward draft that ensures your warm air cycles back down and keeps your in-home heating more even.

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