Navien Combi NCB240 Boiler/Water Heater In Woodbury, NJ

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Our team recently completed an advanced plumbing project in Woodbury, NJ, focusing on installing a high-efficiency Navien Combi NCB240 Boiler/Water Heater. This state-of-the-art unit boasts an impressive 95% AFUE rating, ensuring optimal energy utilization. The project involved:

  1. Mounting a sturdy board to securely support and hang the unit.
  2. Establishing the primary loop for efficient water circulation.
  3. Integrating new components like a circulator, air scoop, air vent, and an expansion tank.
  4. Seamlessly connecting the unit to the existing high and low voltage wiring, ensuring flawless power and control functionalities.
  5. Installing new condensate piping for efficient wastewater management.
  6. Running PVC venting through the home’s sidewall, ensuring safe exhaust.
  7. Connecting the unit to the existing hot and cold-water pipes, ensuring uninterrupted water supply.
  8. Linking the existing gas piping to the new boiler, ensuring a consistent fuel supply.
  9. Finally, initiating both systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency.

This comprehensive installation ensures homeowners enjoy a consistent hot water supply while benefiting from energy savings. For those unfamiliar with Woodbury, NJ plumbing, this project exemplifies our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Navien Boiler Installation Navien Boiler Installation Navien Boiler Installation

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