Top 7 Spring Cleaning Tips for AC Maintenance

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Spring is here, and as the seasons change, chances are you’ll be changing from your heating system to your AC system, too.

Fortunately, you can help your AC unit function better for the next few months by simply performing a few spring air conditioning maintenance tasks.

Keep reading to learn how to get your AC unit ready for warm weather, and remember that the South Jersey air conditioning experts at EnviroSafe are here for all your HVAC needs.

1) Changing Your Air Filter

This is one of the HVAC tasks we stress that homeowners should perform every season. After sitting dormant for a few months, your air conditioner’s filter has likely become clogged from accumulating dust and debris. And once the filter clogs, it makes your air conditioning system run less efficiently and has a negative effect on your indoor air quality. Again, your filter should be replaced (or washed, depending on what kind of AC unit you have) seasonally at minimum, though if you have pets, live in a house with a smoker, or have any individuals with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues in your household, you may want to change your filter as frequently as every month.

2) Wash Out Your Condensate Drain Pipe

Your system’s condensate drain pipe, aka condensate drain line, is essential to successful AC operation, as it prevents excess moisture from accumulating in the unit. When the condensate drain pipe becomes clogged with dirt, rust, mold, algae, and other debris, it seriously affects your air conditioner’s performance. Fortunately, you can flush the condensate line out with a solution of 50% bleach and 50% water. There are some stores that also carry products to help wash out the condensate drain pipe.

3) Clean Your Exterior Unit

Over the fall and winter, your exterior AC unit is likely to accumulate with debris such as leaves and sticks. Plants may also start to grow around your unit if you do not pay attention to it. Ideally, you do not want anything to be within two feet around your outside unit, so make sure to inspect it when spring rolls around—seriously, the last thing you want is to find an animal’s nest inside your exterior equipment.

4) Wipe Down Your Evaporator Coil

One of the things in your exterior AC unit that should be cleaned specifically is the evaporator coil. It’s not hard to purchase a no-rinse evaporator coil online or at your local convenience store, or you can simply wipe the coil down with soap and water. Either way, a simple wipe-down can help your system function more efficiently throughout the entire spring season.

5) Inspect Your Ductwork

You may not be able to visibly see your air ducts, but that doesn’t mean they won’t start to tear and sag over time. By having your air ducts checked periodically, you can prevent the kind of airflow loss that seriously impacts your system’s performance and drives up your energy costs. And if you do find there is a problem with your air ducts, you can count on EnviroSafe for affordable and efficient duct replacement.

6) Check Your Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak is sure to impact the performance of your system. Check your refrigerant at the beginning of spring to see if you need a refill as well as the insulation around your refrigerant lines to see if it needs to be replaced. If you are using a system that runs on R-22, aka “Freon,” you may want to install a new air conditioner altogether, as this type of refrigerant is being phased out.

7) Tighten Electrical Connections

Every year, faulty electrical wiring and connections cause major safety problems in air conditioners. To prevent this hazard, just make sure your connections are tight, or better yet, hire an electrician to inspect your system for you.

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