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Summer is winding down, and with the cooler days approaching, many homeowners in South Jersey are gearing up to give their air conditioning units a well-deserved break. Properly preparing your AC for the off-season can ensure it’s ready to go when the next heatwave rolls around. For those in the South Jersey region, this means putting AC maintenance South Jersey practices to good use.

EnviroSafe is your go-to for all things AC! Give us a call today to come inspect your system, or keep reading to learn more!

1. Changing and Cleaning AC Filters

The end of summer is the perfect time to replace or clean your AC unit’s filters. Regular maintenance such as this can:

  • Improve air quality
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Prolong the life of your unit

2. Check For Drafts And Leaks

After a season of heavy use, checking your windows and doors for drafts is essential. Ensure seals are intact, and any drafts are fixed, so your unit isn’t working harder than it needs to.

3. Cleaning The AC Coils

Over time, the coils in your unit can collect dirt and debris. Air conditioning maintenance at the end of summer should include:

  • Turning off the unit for safety
  • Removing debris from the exterior unit
  • Cleaning the coils with a specialized coil cleaner

For those unsure about this step, contacting a professional, like EnviroSafe, can guarantee your unit gets the best treatment.

4. Prepare The Outside Unit

The external part of your AC system faces the brunt of weather elements. End-of-summer preparations include:

  • Removing any accumulated debris
  • Checking for any damages or wear and tear
  • Covering the unit to protect it from fall and winter weather

5. Setting The Thermostat

As the days get cooler, adjusting the thermostat can save on energy costs. Consider installing a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one. It can adjust the temperature based on when you’re home, asleep, or away.

6. Schedule Professional Inspection

For thorough AC maintenance South Jersey homeowners trust, it’s always recommended to have a professional check. They can:

  • Identify potential problems
  • Clean parts of the system that might be harder to reach
  • Provide tips for maintaining your unit

EnviroSafe is the top choice for air conditioning maintenance in the region. Their experts know the specifics of AC maintenance South Jersey residents need.

Why Choose EnviroSafe For Your South Jersey AC Maintenance Needs?

EnviroSafe has built a reputation as the go-to company for AC maintenance in South Jersey. With a dedicated team and a history of satisfied customers, they provide services that are both efficient and reliable. Whether it’s regular air conditioning maintenance or emergency repairs, they’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Choosing EnviroSafe:

  • Expertise specific to AC maintenance South Jersey homes require
  • Timely and professional service
  • Years of experience in the air conditioning maintenance industry
  • Affordable and transparent pricing

Call EnviroSafe Today!

As the golden hues of fall approach, don’t let your AC unit fall by the wayside. Proper end-of-summer air conditioning maintenance can ensure longevity and performance for years to come. And remember, for all your AC repair and maintenance needs in South Jersey, EnviroSafe is the trusted name.

Don’t wait! Ensure your AC unit is in top shape for the next summer. Contact EnviroSafe today and experience the best AC maintenance South Jersey has to offer.

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