Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

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May 15, 2020

Have you ever experienced the horrifying reality of flipping on your air conditioner, only to have it start spewing nothing bot blistering hot air through your ducts and out into your home? In addition to not solving the problem of your home feeling stuffy and uncomfortable, this actually makes the issue worse by making areas that were only mildly warm suddenly feel like a sauna. What can cause this unfortunate problem to happen with your air conditioner and what can you do when it does? In this blog, we’ll discuss a few reasons why your air conditioner might only blow hot air and how to fix the issue.

Your Thermostat is Set To “Heat”

Believe it or not, this is actually a mistake that a number of people make. Out of a force of habit, people run to their thermostat and flip it on, only to fail to realize they accidentally flipped it to the “heat” setting rather than “cool.” Before long, they realize that their system is blowing a ton of hot air, and they’re even more uncomfortable than they were before. In some cases, they even go so far as to call us for a repair, only to realize when we arrive that the problem was about as simple as they come. If you’re getting nothing but hot air from your air conditioner, it never hurts to just check to make sure you set your thermostat to the right function.

Your Air Conditioner Has Frozen

A frozen air conditioner is when the indoor coil of your air conditioner actually becomes completely covered in ice to the point where air can’t flow past it and refrigerant can’t smoothly flow through it. Freezing is a common problem when you have poor airflow through your air conditioner, usually as a result of a dirty air filter. When your coils freeze, you’ll have to shut off your air conditioner for a little while and maybe even use a hair dryer or heat gun to melt some of the frost and ice off of the coil before you can turn it on again. If the problem comes back again and again, call a professional for help—you may have a more serious issue that needs to be addressed by an expert.

Your Compressor Is Broken

Your compressor is a vital part of the refrigeration cycle that makes your air conditioner work. Your air conditioner absorbs heat from inside your home, then carries it outside to your compressor. Your compressor then amplifies it by compressing the refrigerant, making it extremely hot. The hot refrigerant than cools in your outdoor coil (which is why the air coming from your outdoor unit is typically hot). The now-cooled refrigerant then expands, cools, and is sent inside where it can absorb more heat. When the compressor is broken, it can’t condense the heat, and thus the refrigerant never cools. When it never cools, you get nothing but hot air from your air conditioner.

You Have an Electrical Problem

Electrical problems are also a reason why your air conditioner might not produce any cold air. Because your air conditioner depends on both an indoor and outdoor unit, both units rely on having a dependa ble and stable source of electricity. Should the electrical control unit for your outdoor unit give out, then your air conditioner will only produce hot air. However, this typically will only happen with older units—with modern air conditioning, a malfunction with your outdoor unit will cause your indoor unit to shut off as well, as running one without the other could cause serious damage to the one that does still work.

The Solution: Call EnviroSafe for a Repair

Here at EnviroSafe Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Water Treatment, we offer high-quality air conditioning repair services designed to keep you cool all summer long. When heat and humidity begin to overwhelm you, our team will come to you, diagnose and repair your problem, and get you back to enjoying life in cool and refreshing comfort. We’ve handled a wide range of repairs over our years in business, and we’re confident we can fix your issue as well!

If you’re tired of an air conditioner that’s a better source of heat than cooling relief, call EnviroSafe Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Water Treatment at (856) 208-5108 to schedule a repair service!

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