When to Get New Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances

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September 29, 2020

At EnviroSafe, we know kitchens and bathrooms. These are the places in your home where you interact with your plumbing appliances the most. We understand that nobody likes to have to replace important equipment, but there comes a certain point when an upgrade may simply be unavoidable. Keep reading to find out when to get new kitchen and bathroom appliances, courtesy of our experienced plumbers at EnviroSafe!

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances:

  • The Cost of Repairs is Starting to Outweigh the Cost of Replacement: If you find that your garbage disposal or sink is constantly malfunctioning, it may be cheaper to simply install new equipment rather than to keep paying for repairs.
  • Your Equipment Isn’t Energy-Efficient: No one likes high water bills. If your equipment is leaking or otherwise wasting energy in some way, do yourself a favor and install new, energy-efficient equipment now.
  • Your Appliances Are Out of Style: If you have moved into a home where the appliances are old and unfashionable, or are simply tired of the style of appliances you have had for years, you deserve to improve the appearance of your kitchen and upgrade to new ones.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances:

  • The Enamel Is Worn Down: After years of use, the water in your bathroom can start to wear down the enamel on your appliances. Even if you love your bathroom appliances, they will not look great or function particularly well with worn down enamel, meaning it’s time to call for a replacement.
  • The Fixtures Are Covered In Sediment Build-Up: One thing that tends to accompany worn-down enamel is sediment build-up. This is particularly common in homes where the water is hard, and has not been conditioned in any way. If you noticed any mineral build-up on your sinks, toilets, or tubs, it may be time to install some new fixtures.
  • The Appliances Are Failing to Meet Your Needs: There are a lot of reasons your old bathroom appliances may no longer meet your needs. As people age, they often need walk-in showers or higher bathtubs. In other cases, a married couple may want to expand their sink area. Whatever your reason is, do not hesitate to install the plumbing appliances you deserve.

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