The Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas

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February 26, 2021

Does your HVAC system run on natural gas? There are plenty of fuel sources that can power heating and cooling equipment. However, natural gas presents some distinct advantages you may not be aware of. A combustible fossil fuel, natural gas is mostly composed of methane, though it also contains small quantities of ethane, propane, pentane, and butane. This energy-efficient fuel source can be used to power residential and commercial heating and cooling systems, pool and home water heating systems, as well as many vehicles. Keep reading to learn the benefits of switching to natural gas, and if you are considering an upgrade, make sure to call EnviroSafe for the quality natural gas conversion you deserve.

The Top 5 Advantages of Upgrading to a Natural Gas HVAC System

  • It’s Cheaper Than Heating Oil & Propane: The average price of heating oil per year in the United States is roughly $1,774. Heating your home with propane costs about $2,313 per year. Conversely, heating a house with natural gas costs on average roughly $978.
  • It Is More Efficient Than Other Fuel Sources: Generating heat with oil, propane, or electricity typically requires 70% more energy than using natural gas. That means you can reduce your home energy bills by more than half when you switch to natural gas.
  • It Requires Less Maintenance: Natural gas is piped directly into your home, so there’s no need for consistent fuel delivery charges. Plus, natural gas lines usually last up to 30 years, with no need for frequent repairs.
  • They Come with Rebates: Upgrading to a natural gas system may qualify you for various incentives across the country. With financing up to $15,000 in some areas and rebates up to $4,000, converting your system to natural gas is affordable and easy, especially because…
  • EnviroSafe Are Natural Gas Professionals: At EnviroSafe, our experienced HVAC pros are certified experts when it comes to natural gas. We make converting simple, with helpful technicians who can help you understand all the pertinent details and determine which rebates and financing and rebate options you are eligible for. And with various specials and discounts on top of that, you’ll always get a good deal when you call EnviroSafe to upgrade to a natural gas HVAC system.

Call us today to learn more about what a natural gas system can do for your home, or simply click here to send us a message online.

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