Tips for Improving Your AC System’s Efficiency

With summer almost here, making sure your air conditioner is ready for the sweltering weather is probably one of your top priorities. Not only because you want your home to be cool and comfortable all summer long, but also because the more efficient your AC is, the less it will need to run and the less energy it will use, which can help keep your utility bills lower. Fortunately, there are several ways that homeowners can improve their AC system’s efficiency before summer arrives.

How to Improve Your AC System’s Efficiency

There are a wide variety of benefits to having an efficient AC system. It keeps your system from wearing down as quickly, helps keep your energy bills lower, and ensures your air conditioner can keep your house as cool as you prefer throughout the summer. Here are a few tips to help homeowners improve their AC system’s efficiency:

  • Clean Your Outdoor Condenser – Your outdoor condenser unit depends on airflow to work efficiently. That makes keeping it clean and clear of leaves, tall grass, weeds, and other debris the best way to help it perform as efficiently as it can.
  • Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed – Keeping your doors and windows closed will help prevent warm air outside from getting inside and raising the temperature. Closing doors and windows will also prevent cool air inside from escaping and raising the temperature inside. Your AC system will not have to run as much if you keep the temperature low inside, which will help prevent it from wearing down and running less efficiently.
  • Clean Your Vents – As stated earlier, airflow plays a large part in helping your AC system run efficiently. The cleaner your AC’s vents are, the better the airflow will be, which will help your AC system run more efficiently.
  • Fix Leaks – This covers several areas, including your AC system’s ductwork and the seals around your doors and windows. If you or an HVAC professional can make sure that there are no leaks in your ducts or around your doors and windows, it will help prevent cool air from escaping your home and warm air from entering your home and raising the inside temperature.
  • Install Blinds or Curtains – Blackout blinds or curtains can help prevent sunlight and heat from outside from entering your home and raising the inside temperature.
  • Keep Your Thermostat Set to a High Temperature – The higher the temperature that you can comfortably set your thermostat to, the less often your AC system will have to be on. The less your AC system is on, the less energy it will use, which saves you money on your electric bill. You should keep your thermostat set even higher than normal at times when no one is home and at night when outside temperatures are lower.
  • Use Your Ceiling Fans – Using your ceiling fans will help you feel cooler even if you keep your AC system’s thermostat set to a higher temperature.
  • Change Your Filters – Dirty AC filters reduce airflow, which makes your AC system work harder and less efficiently. Replacing dirty AC filters with clean filters solves this problem and allows your air conditioner to operate at maximum efficiency.

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