5 Benefits of Drinking Well Water

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November 1, 2023

Across the country, homeowners who are looking for alternatives to their municipal water supply are increasingly turning to well water. Although well water can vary in quality and volume, many prefer it because it is direct groundwater, provided right to the homeowner, as opposed to the water that is provided by the city, which inevitably is put through various chemical filters before it is ready to drink. At EnviroSafe, our professional plumbers are proud to provide a full range of well services in Vineland, Pittsgrove, and the entire South Jersey region, including repairs, expansion tank replacements, well pump upgrades, and more.

Keep reading to learn the top five benefits of drinking well water, and remember that you can always call the expert South Jersey plumbers at EnviroSafe!

5 Health Benefits of Well Water Everyone Should Know About

  1. Well Water May Help You Lose Weight: As you may already know, drinking more water is a great way to lose weight. This is because drinking a consistent amount of water helps you feel full, so you do not fill up on snacks and other food. And by drinking well water, you will be able to avoid the harmful chemicals found in most municipal drinking water—meaning your water will taste better and you will likely want to drink more of it. Oftentimes, when you think you are feeling hunger, what you are actually feeling is dehydration. Prevent this from happening by installing a combination well water/water treatment system today.
  2. Well Water Helps Improve Heart Health: Did you know that you may be able to reduce the risk of having a heart attack by drinking more water? Researchers have consistently found that people who drink a healthy amount of water every day have stronger, healthier hearts, and are less prone to experience heart disease. As alluded to above, water helps your metabolism function better, and provides the hydration you require to function throughout the day. But drinking water also helps to flush out toxins that cause illnesses to spread in the body. By switching to well water, you will be able to enjoy, cleaner, better-tasting water, making it easy to stay hydrated all the time and give your heart the extra boost it needs.
  3. Well Water Can Encourage Brain Function: Another astonishing thing drinking a lot of water can do is help you think more clearly. Remember, your body is 70% water overall, so it needs a constant stream of new water to achieve its peak performance. Proper hydration can help you feel clear-headed and more focused, while failing to drink in enough water interferes with your ability to stay functional, may even affect your ability to focus and remember things in the short-term. With pure, great-tasting well water, your brain and body can function together to keep you sharp all the time.
  4. Well Water Has Been Known to Improve Skin: Remember when we talked above about how drinking water helps get rid of toxins in your body? Nowhere are you likely to see evidence of this more directly than with your skin. With proper hydration, you will have a better chance of flushing out toxins and giving your skin that youthful, radiant glow. If you are dealing with acne or another skin condition, drinking more water may also help you smooth out the texture of your skin. There’s a reason there are so many moisturizers on the market, and it’s because healthy, smooth skin is hydrated skin. With well water, you’ll be able to wash your face with water that has not been altered by chemicals, and can therefore provide the pure, direct hydration that your face needs.Of course, the face isn’t the only part of your body where clean well water can help…
  5. Well Water Is Good for Joint Irritation & Muscle Strain: Water helps lubricate your muscles, and can thereby reduce joint pain and muscle irritation. It also helps absorbs the essential nutrients in your food, so your skin looks better on the outside and you feel better in your body on a day to day basis. Well water may be the best water of all in this regard, as it still contains the healthy minerals that get filtered out of municipal water during the chlorination process.

To learn more about the benefits of well water now, call EnviroSafe, or contact us online. We promise to have your new water well up and running in no time!