Uh-oh! Are There Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line?

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March 26, 2021

Trees: beautiful, essential for the planet, and capable of providing any home with beauty and shade. However, did you know that trees can also be a hazard for your plumbing system? Depending on where the trees in your yard are planted, the roots may start to become attracted to the moisture in your sewer system, which acts as a kind of natural fertilizer. When this happens, a phenomenon known as “root intrusion” can occur, in which the tree and shrub roots in your yard start to actually grow in or around your sewer lines, causing cracks and leaks. Sewage leaks are one of the most severe plumbing problems your property can face, as sewage water may not only cause a lot of property damage, but is extremely dangerous for anyone who comes in contact with it. Keep reading to learn how to tell if there are tree roots in your sewer line, and remember you can always call our experienced plumbers at EnviroSafe for all your South Jersey plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

5 Common Signs That You Are Experiencing Root Intrusion

  1. Smells: That rotten egg-like, sulfuric smell you may be detecting around your property is a common sign of a sewage leak. Granted, a sewage smell is not always a surefire indicator of root intrusion. However, the more common this odor is, as in if you are smelling it in and outside of your house, the greater chance there is that you are not dealing with any old plumbing problem, but severe tree root intrusion.
  2. Clogs: Clogs are an extremely common plumbing problem that may occur for a myriad of reasons. But much like a sewage smell, the more you find, the greater chance there is they are occurring because of a sewer line rupture. If you are dealing with clogged drains throughout your house, consider calling a plumber to see if you are facing root intrusion—especially if those clogs are accompanied by back-ups.
  3. Back-Ups: Back-ups are always one of the nastier plumbing problems, and should be dealt with ASAP. However, if you find that sewage water is backing up out of your drains or toilet, you may have an especially big problem on your hands. Remember, wastewater contains a ton of diseases, and can be extremely dangerous for anyone who comes in contact with it, so do not hesitate to call a plumber to see if you have root intrusion if you suddenly find yourself experiencing a wastewater leak on your property.
  4. Rodents/Insects: Bugs and rodents are naturally attracted to waste and nasty smells. That’s why if root intrusion occurs due to a sewer line break, you may see an uptick in rats, mice, or insects inside or outside of your home. To curb your pest problem and restore your sewer system to working odor, call a reliable plumber immediately to see if you are dealing with root intrusion when this happens
  5. Moist Patches in Your Yard: When root intrusion occurs, and it is severe enough, sewer water may start to seep up through the soil and into your yard. Again, sewage water acts as a kind of natural fertilizer, so when this happens, it may cause certain patches of grass in your yard to become particularly green and moist. These lush, overgrown patches are essentially a map to where root intrusion is occurring, so if you notice them, and are detecting sewage smells or have noticed any of the other problems mentioned above, call a trusted plumber right away.

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