HVAC Tips: What Can I Do to Get Rid of Hot Spots in My Home?

We want every inch of our homes to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. No matter how comfortable a home is, there are always a few areas where its uncomfortable despite our best efforts. One way in which this happens is when our home has hot spots. Hot spots are areas in our home that our HVAC system seems unable to keep cool for one reason or another. Many homes have hot spots, and everyone who lives there tries to avoid them as much as they can. However, it does not always have to be that way. In many instances, homeowners can get rid of hot spots.

Tips for Getting Rid of Hot Spots in Your Home

Hot spots in your home can happen for a wide range of reasons. In some cases, a room is located too far away from your AC unit, which can make it difficult for cool air to reach it. Also, if you have a two-story home, hot air can rise and settle in the rooms on the second floor, making those rooms harder to keep cool than the rooms on the first floor. Another culprit can be damaged ducts. If a duct is damaged, it could be allowing cool air to escape before it can reach certain areas of the house. Finally, there could be an issue with the insulation or ventilation in areas of the house where there are hot spots. Ventilation allows hot air to escape a home and insulation keeps cool air inside and prevents hot air from outside from making its way indoors.

Pinpointing the issue that is causing your home’s hot spots and repairing the problem is the best way to get rid of a hot spot. Other tips for getting rid of hot spots in your home include:

  • Check your vents – Sometimes homeowners don’t realize that AC vents in parts of their home are blocked. For example, a vent may be blocked by a couch or some other piece of furniture. Once the furniture is moved, the vent can release cool air into the room and eliminate the hot spot.
  • Install zoning thermostats – Zoning thermostats are a set of thermostats that are in different rooms throughout the house. They allow homeowners to better control the temperature in the rooms, which can help them eliminate hot spots by keeping the temperature cooler in those rooms.
  • Try window treatments – Window treatments help your home’s windows prevent heat from entering your home from outside. The treatments allow your windows to let in natural light but block out heat at the same time.
  • Check window seals – Another issue that can occur with windows is when the seals around windows break. A broken window seal can allow hot air from outside to enter your home and create hot spots. Checking for broken window seals and repairing them can eliminate some hot spots.
  • Get an HVAC inspection – When an HVAC technician inspects your system, they can find issues that you might miss, including the problems that are leading to your home’s hot spots.

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